Leveraging the OGC Innovation Program to Advance Big Data Spokes


By Luis Bermudez, Executive Director, Open Geospatial Consortium Innovation Program

The National Science Foundation (NSF) currently has an open program solicitation that seeks to establish more ‘Big Data Spokes’ to advance big data applications. Like the BD Hubs, the BD Spokes provide a regional coordinating role but focus on narrower topic areas, such as applications that address the acquisition and use of health data, or data science in agriculture. In addition to its topic area, Spokes are driven by three themes: 1) advancing solutions towards a grand challenge; 2) automating the big data lifecycle; and 3) improving and incentivizing access to critical data.

Using the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) Innovation Process could help Big Data Spokes advance a solution to better integrate and run analytics on data sets using technologies that are not only freely available and open, but also maintained by an established Standards Development Organization (SDO). OGC also has various domain working groups currently advancing solutions that would complement the work done in Big Data Hubs.

The OGC is an international voluntary SDO that provides a broad interface with over 500 industry, government, academic, and research organizations engaged in advancing standards to improve geospatial interoperability. OGC’s standards are implemented in hundreds of products to improve the discovery, sharing, access, fusion, and application of location-based information. In addition to its proven consensus process for advancing open standards, OGC – via its Innovation Program – provides a venue in which to prototype in an agile, collaborative environment. It has developed more than 90 initiatives in the last 17 years.

OGC’s Innovation Program Initiatives have helped advance technology solutions that deal with important challenges, such as those rising from continued population growth. Most recently, OGC’s Future City Pilot Initiative created technologies that aid in providing adult health services using multi-source data analytics (you can learn more in this five-minute video on OGC’s Future City Pilot).

An OGC initiative could help prototype and design a solution for Big Data Spokes, based on open standards, that could be further implemented in a Data Hub. An OGC initiative has five phases:

  • Phase 1 – Concept Development: OGC gathers requirements and proposes an initial systems architecture.
  • Phase 2 – Call for Participation (CFP): OGC publicly invites industry and non-industry organizations worldwide to participate in the initiative to develop the components of the architecture.
  • Phase 3 – Team Formation and Kick-off: The OGC evaluation team selects participants. Selected participants meet face to face at the initiative kick-off meeting to coordinate on the development, testing, and demonstration process.
  • Phase 4 – Execution: Participants engage virtually through frequent teleconferences, virtual meetings, and email exchanges to discuss progress and to identify and resolve issues.
  • Phase 5 – Reporting, Demonstration and Outreach: Technology demonstrations occur at the end of the initiative to showcase the major accomplishments. Engineering reports and other artifacts are written that identify and summarize the resulting technologies.

The completion of such an initiative would result in a proven solution that can be implemented in a Big Data Hub to help automate big data lifecycles, and support, for example, smart cities or health-related challenges.

If you want to learn more about how to partner with OGC for the NSF Big Data Spokes or other solicitations, please contact Luis Bermudez, Executive Director of the OGC Innovation Program (lbermudez at opengeosptial.org).

Call for Proposals issued for May workshop on mobile health technologies

The South Big Data Hub (SBDH), in collaboration with the National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS), will convene a workshop on May 15-16 at UNC-Chapel Hill to identify and prioritize research challenges in data science cyberinfrastructure (CI) to enable mobile health (mHealth) applications to address environmental health and related healthcare challenges in the Southern United States.

The proposed workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary group of experts to understand the requirements, architectures, and approaches for mHealth CI. The workshop will explore existing research to understand: What is the state of the art in mHealth CI? How do these architectures deal with potential roadblocks, such as privacy, security, and ethics?

The South Hub and the NCDS would like to invite graduate students in mHealth to apply to participate in the workshop. Continue reading

NSF Announces Second Phase of BD Hub Spoke Awards

NSF-logoAs many in the South Big Data Hub community know, our Hub is one of four regional Hubs established by the National Science Foundation in 2015 to foster data science collaborations among academia, industry and government, both in the U.S. and internationally. In 2016, the NSF expanded the BD Hubs’ network by supporting multi-sector and multi-institutional collaborations focused on using data to address regional challenges.

That support translated into BD Hub “Spoke” awards for research addressing regional problems, and several Spoke awards were given to researchers within the states that comprise the South Hub (click here for information on those awards).

This week, the NSF issued a Call for Proposals for round two of the BD Hub Spoke Awards to be funded in FY 2018. The solicitation is not meant to fund proposals in which fundamental research is the primary activity. Instead, BD Hub Spoke proposals should be guided by the following broad themes:  Continue reading

September* Opportunities and Announcements

[*September and beyond]

Dear South Big Data Hub Community,

This post contains the content that went out in our monthly newsletter–a listing of news, events, and opportunities in data science, analytics, engineering, and policy. If you have announcements or information that you would like to submit for next month’s newsletter or if you would like to contribute a guest post to the South Big Data Hubbub! blog, please use our submission form or email announcements@southbdhub.org.

The South Big Data Hub Team

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Opportunities List July 2016

The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) 2016 summer meeting “Big Data: Frontiers in Earth Sciences” is coming to Durham, NC from July 29-22. As part of this event, the South Big Data Hub and ESIP will co-host an exhibit of data visualizations on Wednesday, July 20 from 5:30-7:00 PM at the 21c Hotel, showcasing the diversity, creativity, and impact of the research done by the Earth and data science communities through visualizations and graphical presentations of research results.

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Data Matters summer short courses to focus on data issues in business and research

Business managers, data analytics specialists, academic researchers, data center administrators and anyone else who grapples with big data are the target audience for an annual weeklong short course series on data issues sponsored by the National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS), the Odum Institute for Social Science Research at UNC Chapel Hill, and the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI).

18977365440_851ba165b3_z (1)Data Matters, a summer workshop series on all things data, will be held June 20-24 at the Friday Center for Continuing Education in Chapel Hill, NC. The workshop series will feature two-day courses on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday and Friday, and one-day courses on Wednesday.

Topics to be covered include strategies for managing big data, data management and analysis tools, data mining and machine learning, data visualization, and predictive analysis. Instructors will include experts from Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, RENCI, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and RTI International.

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Opportunities List May 2016

Extended Deadline for the Program to Empower Partnerships with Industry (PEPI) (May 6th, 2016)
The deadline has been  extended for early career faculty, research scientists and postdocs interested in doing summer 2016 research visits with our industry partners, UnitedHealthcare and McKesson. View interest areas for each company here: http://www.southbdhub.org/pepi.html

South Big Data Hub Working Groups and Theme Community Meetings are Being Scheduled

Theme Community Calls
Health and Big Data – Today (May 3rd) 3:00 – 5:00 pm EST
The Big Data in Health theme community is an open forum to discuss data solutions and issues facing modern Healthcare.
To Join the Call: Click Here
Optional dial-in number: 404-947-8273. No PIN needed.
To View the Agenda and Add to the Discussion: Visit our Interactive Wiki

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Opportunities List April 2016

DataStart: Student internships with industry
The Southern Startup Internship Program in Data Science (DataStart) provides graduate students from the 16 states that comprise the South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub (South BD Hub) the opportunity to work with data-related startup companies on data-intensive business challenges important to the company. Students will be paid for their work through a grant to the startup company, and it is up to the students to identify their proposed host company. The program is designed to facilitate academic-industrial connections and enhance the entrepreneurial culture in the South. The application deadline is May 1, 2016. For more information, visit http://southbdhub.org/datastart.html

PEPI: Connecting early career faculty with industry
The Program to Empower Partnerships with Industry (PEPI) supports early career (pre-tenure) faculty members and postdocs, from the 16 states that comprise the South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub (South BD Hub). Summer exchange visits will be sponsored to data-related industry partners. The overarching goals of the program are to support early career faculty in developing industry relationships, increase the capacity of early career faculty to mentor and prepare students for the workforce, and create a diverse Big Data pipeline from university research through to real-world impact. Applicants can apply with our without an identified industry partner. If without, the South BD Hub will attempt to provide matchmaking services for strong proposals. The application deadline is May 1, 2016. For more information, visit http://southbdhub.org/pepi.html  Continue reading