About This Blog

Welcome to the blog for the South Big Data Hub. This blog is the companion to our main site at southbdhub.org. If you are seeking basic information about the South BD Hub, our team, and our partners, please visit that main site.

We created this companion blog so our team can easily provide you with the most up-to-date information in the following categories:

  • Articles from the Hub community – These are articles shared with us that are of particular interest to our community.
  • Opportunities – We ask that you let us know of items of interest to our community so we can help promote them to the benefit of all: funding, meetings, resources, etc.)
  • Events – These appear in our calendar and possibly as blog posts. If there is ample existing information, we will link out to it. If we need to provide more information, we will create our own blog post, then add it to our calendar too.
  • News from & about the South Hub – News releases and announcements directly pertaining to the hub and partners.
  • South Hub features & editorials – We will be writing features about hub work and our members, and inviting experts to contribute editorials.

We invite contributions and ideas from you on any of the above. Thanks for visiting and we hope to hear from you.